feedback on newsletter and where to share to expand my audience

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Hi @ConnorO369, I am moving your post over to our Template Feedback area and someone will take a look shortly. 

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Hi @ConnorO369. Thanks for coming over to the Template Feedback board. I'd be happy to take a look. 


I like the usage of green in your template. Green gives off positive feelings and is associated with growth, which certainly relates to someone needing to find a new home. With some real estate newsletters, realtors sometimes include multiple photos of a property which can be overwhelming and take up space that should be used to describe the home instead. You're taking that approach to instead point your contacts toward your website so they can view the full listing.


The background is a bit distracting and I'm finding myself looking at that more than the content of the newsletter. A solid or less busy background may is better suited for your newsletter so your contacts can concentrate on the listings. There's also a mix of your "Hole in One Homes" branding and Keller Williams and they're not harmonious. I'm imagining that you are primarily promoting your website so I'd stick with the green and black theme for your headlines and sections. I don't know much about realty but I'm guessing you should mention that you are a Keller Williams agent so the logo for that can be included at the bottom. I also recommend not overloading your email with underlined text since it gives the impression that the text is linked to another site. Make sure that your logos are linked to your website too!


The text you are using is informative and welcoming. I like the opening with you asking a question and letting your contacts know you can help to answer it.


Caitlin M.
Community Manager
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