Can I Edit a Sent Campaign?


Did you know that one of our top searches here in the Community is the question "Can I edit my sent campaign?" Once I realize that month over month this search pops up without a result, I knew we had to write a post on it. This is also a question that many of our Support representatives receve as well. You want to edit the campaign you sent because you just realized that there was a typo. Or perhaps you want to edit it because you chose the wrong image to insert. 


Unfortunately, there is no way within Constant Contact to edit a campaign that has been sent. Once your campaign has been sent, it has left our Constant Contact servers. We have sent it out to the many servers that your contacts are on; that may be Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. Once we hand it off, we are unable to retrieve it. 


But if you happen to need to edit a sent campaign, you can always make a copy


  1. On either the Home or Campaigns section
  2. To the right of the name of your Campaign, click the Actions drop-down
  3. Choose Copy
  4. Follow prompts

    Copy Campaign.png

Please keep in mind the best way to avoid this from happening is to send yourself a Preview/Test version to all of your email accounts. This will help you to know how the email will look when your contacts receive it. Once you are satisfied, then send out your live version to your list(s).


Hope that this post helped clear up this question for you! If you have any further questions please let us know!

David Pflumm
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 When multiple copies of a document are out and being edited is there any way to preserve all

the changes in each document without the last document to be "Saved," overwriting the previous



We ran into this recently with The Springs at High Rock newsletter.  It caused a problem where

a couple of authors thought something nefarious was taking place.   Without very sophisiticated

software generally that last document saved becomes the final version, right?


Hello David. We discourage having a draft being worked on by multiple people at a time as the last save will override any unsaved work that has been done by anyone else working on the email. At this time, we are not able to show real-time changes being done on a draft. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. 


how do i edit an existing campaign? the main text body of the e-mail, that is


Hi @user282909. Your email will need to be in a draft format in order to edit it. If the campaign has been sent, you will need to copy it first.

Occasional Participant

Since yesterday, there is no 'copy' function coming up on the drop-down menu. This is a major problem for me as I need to send out another message with a different date and link in it. I don't have time to re-do the whole thing!! What's happened to the 'copy' function as of mid-June 2020??


Hi @Dr_Leila_Edwards the ability to copy Legacy Newsletter templates has been disabled since we are moving forward with our updated editor and dedicating resources to making this editor the best it can be. We welcome any feedback about this editor so we can forward your thoughts to our Product team. We recommend recreating your template in our updated editor as these templates still have the ability to be copied.

Occasional Participant

How do I copy the template?

I have to say that in my attempts to use the new system I have found it to be much less user-friendly than the previous system, it's extremely difficult to edit previous message sent out in the new format, it doesn't allow flexibility in where to add images, the whole thing is a real pain.

I still can't get over the fact that many years' worth of work in creating a whole set of emails that could easily be adapted and edited for our courses and events were just frozen and are inaccessible to edit and all without my consent or knowledge until I tried to send a message in July.

I don't like your new logo and the whole look of Constant Contact, so much less interesting and appealing than the previous version that showed images of real customers with real businesses, many of them small artisan businesses, now it's just like so many other corporate companies, just looks like stock shots.

I'm actively checking out alternatives now but until I switch I've downgraded my package. Even then, I was going to add the 'SEO' extra function but the site doesn't respond or make it clear how to activate it. You have thrown the baby out with the bathwater, CC, a pity as we've been loyal customers for about 15 years!

Dr Leila Edwards


It makes sense that you cannot edit a campaign once it is sent but wondered in between the time you sent, and the time the campaign will resend to those that have not opened the first time, if adjustments can be made.


I have a similar question to @KaylaB628.  Our original campaign has been sent and an edit needed to be made.  We made a copy of this campaign and any correction BUT the question now is how to send this "copy" as the resend to those who have not opened?  How could this be accomplished?  Make a separate list of any non-openers?


Hello @UCC3 ,


Once you've made the edits to the new copy, you'll need to make a list from the Did Not Open report of the original sendout, then send the edited email to that list.