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Determining the Right Service for You


Do you ever feel the pressure of marketing your business online but are always pressed for time? Or do you have no idea where to start with utilizing your Constant Contact account? If you answered yes to either of these problematic questions -- we have the solution! At Constant Contact, we are here to help and provide you with the right professional service to make you and your business successful. The professional services we offer are known as Marketing Advisor and Marketing Manager.


Marketing Advisor: Teach Me
Constant Contact has so many great resources available that go beyond sending emails. We want to help you optimize your account features such as List Segmentation, Sign-up Forms, Integrations, Autoresponder, Survey, and Polls. What about online advertising outside of Constant Contact? We have you covered there as well! For some, the endless options can be a bit overwhelming, but that is where your Marketing Advisor comes in!

Our Marketing Advisor service helps customers save time by guiding you on where to start, teaches you how to utilize available tools to connect with your contacts, and maximizes your online marketing strategy. Your dedicated Marketing Advisor will help you develop a Digital Marketing Strategy Plan, assist you with Google, Instagram, and Facebook
Ads, plus advise you on the best online marketing approach based upon your business needs.


Marketing Manager: Do It for Me

Need something more hands-off? Then our Marketing Manager is right for you! Your Marketing Manager consultant will write your email content, create and send emails, focus on growing your contact list, and post social media and Google ads online. Your consultant will always provide you with drafts to get your approval on the content.

Whether you are pressed for time or struggling with your online marketing, we have a professional service to fit your needs. The first step is determining which service is right for you and then guide you from there. With Constant Contact, you have the tools, and our professional services staff provides you the marketing expertise. Let’s work together on creating your success!


I am not sure where to start!  Wanting an email list to link to WP. 

Marketing Advisor

Hey Linda! (LindaR2862)


Thanks for replying to this post. As part of the Professional Services team here at Constant Contact, we're all dedicated to make sure that you have the resources that you need and want you to get off to a good start with email marketing.


By WP, are you referring to Word Press? If so, there is a way to install a plug-in for Word Press that integrates with your Constant Contact accoun.... Therefore, when you have people sign up through Word Press, they'll be added to the email list in question. 


If that's not what you're needing help with, then please reply to this post and I'll try to get back with you and see how we can help you in this regard. 


It is a helpful idea to assist your clients in understanding your peripheral features.  Most of us don't have hours to spend trying to learn or integrate features, that we would otherwise like to use.  Thanks for the chance.


Hi Taryn 


i am interested in pricing and how it works.




Thank you for your response! If you are interested in our Marketing Advisor, you can click here to view the pricing and additional details. For a Personal Marketer or Full Service, you can click here for the pricing and information. If you fill out your contact information for the service you are interested in, a member of the professional services staff will reach out to you directly. 


In the meantime, if you have any further questions please feel free to reach out to us here. We are always happy to assist you in any way we can!


My staff are looking for  a CRM to send email drip campaigns and text messages to clients for different email lists based on which service they are interested in.


We send our monthly promotions emails to our entire client base through you guys.  Do you have any features where we can send certain emails to certain lists over time??  

Occasional Participant

I do use the url to sign up for my newsletter on my website and on facebook. Is it possible to create a list that differentiates the source? For example, a new subscriber from facebook would go into a different list than one from my WP website. 


Additionally, the integration of Constant Contact with Book Funnel is clunky and isn't as seamless as it should be for the user or for me to allow them to opt in.  

Where can I find pricing for each of the tiers?

Occasional Participant

Just checking all this out for the first time! my company has been paying for the service but not using it! so interested in learning how to use! 


This is me replying! Would love some expert advice. I'm promoting an awesome fundraising event that is a highly curated pop-up. I have a vision, but this is not my expertise. 


Hi, I am Yeny. I am really new in this. I began with my blog just last month. I would like to use in the future resources like survey and polls.




Thank you for your response! For our Marketing Advisor, you can click here for more information and pricing details. If you are interested in a Personal Marketer or Full Service, you can click here for more details and prices on each service.


By filling out the form of the service you are interested in, a professional service team member will be in touch with you directly to go over your specific needs. Please let us know if you have any questions, thank you!

Regular Participant

Long time CC user. Could use a little more professional help. Entering the contest; fingers crossed...


Thanks for letting us know about these services! Trying the Personal Marketer service would be a great opportunity.


Hi @KatherineO569 the good news is our system offers automated series that does exactly this! Have you tried setting up one of these campaigns?


Hi @WobblyCreek that’s a great question! At this time there is not an automatic way to separate contacts based on their source. If all your sign-up forms are connected to the same list, they will all mix as one. You can however manually create lists based on their source through an advanced search. You can also connect each form to its own list as well.


These are great services! I still need lots of work at growing my email list. My open rates hover around 40% so I'm pretty happy with that but need more subscribers. Do you offer in-person training or conferences for this type of thing?

Judy Jewell

Consulting & Training

Would love the opportunity!