What is a Welcome Email?


Setting a good first impression with your audience is key to keeping them engaged with your content. Welcome emails help take the legwork out of this initial step, so you can focus on other endeavors. Whether you set it up as a simple thank you and confirmation, include pertinent info, or offer something as part of the sign up, these automated emails are an excellent way to start your relationship with new audience members.


How do I set up a Welcome Email?



To set up an automated customer journey for welcoming new subscribers as described in the article, follow these steps:


  1. Create an Automation Path: Start by creating a welcome automation path using a pre-built template. You can choose from templates like "Welcome: SMS" for both email and SMS messages, "Welcome: Basic" for only email communications, or a "Welcome series" specifically for new customers from platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce.

  2. Customize the Welcome Trigger Details: Decide which subscriber lists will receive the welcome message. You can select all lists or specific ones. Adjust these settings in the Trigger details overlay.

  3. Create Your Email or SMS Message Content: Customize the content of your messages. For emails, select a template and use the email editor to add text, images, and links. For SMS, input your message text, keeping in mind that SMS should be concise due to space limitations.

  4. Build Out Your Welcome Path (Optional): Enhance your path by adding additional messages, time delays, conditional splits, or other actions like updating contact fields or tagging.

  5. Activate Your Welcome Automation Path: Once your path is set up and you are satisfied with the configurations and content, activate your path. You can then monitor the performance and make adjustments as needed.


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Don't forget to leverage the BrandKit to save you time making your emails reflect your branding.


Based on your email plan, it's possible to set up several welcome paths. However, to avoid sending duplicate welcome messages to the same contact, ensure that a list is only used for one welcome path at a time.



It's possible you might still have access to our legacy Welcome series feature. You can follow the steps outlined here.


For additional insight, learn How to Create a Winning Welcome Email💪


Now that you have a Welcome email set up, you already have a pretty good idea of how to use our email editor, but we still want to walk you through creating and sending your first email campaign!

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