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Create Rollover Images

Occasional Contributor

Create Rollover Images

Hi all,


Rollover images (e.g. buttons that change colour when rolled over) look great on Websites, and would be similarly good to have in our newsletters.


So I created one in Dreamweaver and tested it, and it worked fine (effectively the code just switches one image for another when you hover over it), however when I send it in a test email in CC, it doesn't work.

I think it would be such a great feature to have. Are there by chance any technical or other reasons (spam filters etc) this feature is not available in CC?

Thanks in advance!  

CTCT Employee

Re: Create Rollover Images

Hi @JAYC212!


Thank you for your feedback about roll-over image/dynamic buttons! I will definitely track your feedback and desire to see this sort of functionality in Constant Contact. Currently, we are unable to support roll-over images due to certain code limitations. But that may be something we can implement in the future! If you have any more questions or other feedback, please feel free to reach out again!



Gwendolyn B
Customer Engagement Specialist
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Occasional Contributor

Re: Create Rollover Images

Hi @Gwendolyn_b,


Thanks for the reply. Yes, it would definitely be great to have.  Doesn't really matter for mobile of course, but we still get around 30% desktop users.