To-do in this article:

 Review the available templates
 Select the template you think will work best for your goals

It is now time to create your first email. Choosing the right template might seem like a daunting task, but it helps to break it down to what your goals are with this particular template. Is it a promotion for an upcoming sale or new product? Is it to introduce your audience to your new email marketing initiative and what to expect? Or maybe it’s the start of a weekly/monthly newsletter! Whatever the goal is, keep it in mind as you scroll through the plethora of templates.


Constant Contact has templates for different industries like retail, real estate, or non-profit. We also have a ton of templates to celebrate different holidays! Chances are, there is a predesigned template already waiting for you. Email Templates 



However, it’s important to know that some visual elements might be hard coded in by our template designers. For example:


  • Borders
  • Backgrounds
  • Gifs
  • Colors


If being able to edit/change any of these is important to you, we recommend starting with a basic template and building it out.


It wouldn’t hurt to create a reusable template that is consistent with your brand, but we’ll get to that as we walk through creating your first template.


Here are a list of articles that will give you some best practices on how to design a template that is right for your goals:


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