To-do in this article:
 Read up on email design best practices (Optional)
 Customize your email template


There is a lot of flexibility with creating an email template, in terms of design and structure. It’s all based on what you want to represent and which audience you want to target. However, we recommend some email design best practices such as a visual design hierarchy (i.e. most important elements are at the top). Email Templates 


Once you understand what design elements are most important to you, consider your audience, and what you want to achieve with your email, it’s time to get to work. Thankfully, the Constant Contact email editor is easy and intuitive to use!



We recommend creating a reusable template


We can’t tell you what to write, but our AI Content Generator can! Whether you're writing yourself or having AI do the heavy lifting, here’s a recommended workflow to get your template in a good place for you to start dropping in your content!


  1. After selecting a template, make sure to edit the campaign name. This is just for your eyes only and keeping your Campaigns page organized.
  2. Edit the header and footer to make sure all your pertinent information is correct. Some of this might auto-populate based on what you added to your Account Details, but you’ll want to make sure the subject line is effective and personalized. If you decide you’re not sure until after you create the rest of your email, that’s cool, too! It can be edited later or at the scheduling page.
  3. Review the Design tab and make sure the fonts and colors represent your branding or desired look.
  4. Now that all the technical stuff is out of the way, it’s time to add, arrange, or delete some blocks to fill the template with content! These blocks include text, image, customizable buttons, and social media options

Once your email is lookin’ spiffy, make sure to check for errors and preview the email. You can also send a test email to yourself or others for additional feedback! Once you're comfortable with the final result, let's get that campaign scheduled!


Speaking of, we would love to see what you came up with! We encourage you to share a screenshot or short URL of your campaign in the comments!

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