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Custom HTML email from api

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Custom HTML email from api

Hi there,


Is there any way that we can send our own html email to our contacts (exists on Constant contact) using any api call?


i know we can create campaign by using api but we want to send emails to all contacts with html that is customized according to each contact

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Re: Custom HTML email from api



If you are looking for a method to send a completely unique message to each contact, that would potentially be very difficult to accomplish. However, if you simply need to customize small portions of the campaign for each contact, that can definitely be accomplished through the email campaigns that the API is able to create and send.


We allow emails to be created using a special XHTML format that allows you to merge contact data and contact custom fields into the email campaign. Thus you do have the capability to use information such as a contact's name and email address to customize the campaigns you send. If this method is of interest to you, you can find information on Constant Contact's XHTML tags in section 4 of this guide:


If you have any addition questions or if I can clarify, please let me know!


Best Regards

Elijah G.
API Support Engineer