Adding an unsubscribe option on my website linked to Constant Contact

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We have used Constant Contact integration for new customers to subscribe to our emails, but we also want to give them the option on our website to unsubscribe... is this possible please? If so, how is this achieved?




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Hello @user8878249 ,


Coded unsubscribe links for the contact's email address are only included in emails sent through us. If you're wanting to include an opt-out link on your website, we'd advise setting up some kind of form they can submit to you, and then you'd need to manually unsubscribe them from within your account.


One possible way to do this is to setup an "Unsubscribe Requests" list in your account, create a landing page form that only requests their email address, then add that landing page's link to your site. From there when someone clicks the link on your website, it'll add them to that list, which you can check and then update the contact's permissions accordingly.


For more info regarding unsubscriptions


Otherwise, there isn't really a way to add a way to auto-integrate unsubscribes from your site, unless you're using a 3rd-party integration / form builder that can connect with us in that way from your site.

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