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I don’t understand why you can’t delete blocks on the app. If this is the case can you please make it possible. This makes the app pretty much useless. I can’t delete picture within a black from the app?

Hello @MichaelV279 ,


It looks like you sent us a follow-up email with a video of the issue occurring, and we responded back with some additional troubleshooting questions. We can continue the troubleshooting process through the email chain.


With that said, due to the ongoing conversions from 3ge to full CPE (dross device / platform editor), some email templates may not be 100% compatible with the mobile app, depending on their origin. Additionally, some templates that have multiple columns may not have full editing power in the mobile app, as it's only designed for single-column setups at this time. Based on the description of your issue, and the video sent to us, we believe this may be the case.


For now we'd advise creating your email initially directly through the mobile app if you're planning to use it for more email editing going forward. As far as available CPE templates go, the "Basic Note" and "Blank Template" templates will work best if you're starting from scratch. 


Email campaigns still using the 3ge builder, Subject AB emails, events (and emails built within a specific event), surveys, and other campaign types beyond Social Posts and CPE emails cannot be created, viewed, or edited through the app as they're not designed for the mobile app's functionalities. Additionally, the app is not built for account, website, or billing management, which will need to be done via the browser UI. You'll need to use the regular website to access these campaign types. 

William A
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