Average mobile open rate

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Our campaign reporting is showing that 94% of our emails are opened on Desktop and 6% are opened in mobile which makes no sense.   We have a pretty mobile/tech friendly user base and the emails go out Sunday afternoon so its not like people are sitting at their work computer.  Could this be possible or am I reading the data wrong (or is there a glitch).


Hello @HVPTO ,


While a significant difference in desktop vs. mobile opens can be a result of an account's contacts demographics or even their industry, based on your data I don't believe that's the case. Such an extremely low mobile open report is much more likely the result of Apple's privacy changes, since that corresponds to when we first started receiving reports of these more extreme open differences. If the email apps your contacts are using also block out images from showing unless explicitly prompted to first, even from trusted sources, that can also contribute to unusually low mobile open rates.


It is something our devs are keeping an eye on, however we're ultimately beholden to what Apple and email app developers allow to be reported back to us for opens, clicks, etc. from programs using the iOS. For more info regarding Apple's privacy changes, and how it can affect reporting, I'd recommend taking a look at this article.

William A
Community & Social Media Support