Email format validation is wrong

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Hello Tech Team, I was surprised to note that your system is not allowing email address with dot (.). For example  is valid email address but your system does not allow it to create as a contact. Please fix this blunder. During email validation there are standard checks which you should do and not the custom one which you are using currently which is stopping even valid emails to get added. Regards! 

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Hello @ampusa ,


When I test in my account and your account, there's no issue adding a contact with a . in the middle of their name. I tested both the address mentioned and a junk test email, and they both went through fine. I also tested in my own account for the junk tester address, for both contact addition and account email verification, and both went through fine. I made sure to delete the contacts I added to your account, as well as the test list I made, to make sure those weren't polluting your setup if you wanted to avoid that situation.


You may want to check the addresses you're trying to add, to see if there's any other issues. Such problematic elements could include erroneous spaces on the end or beginning from copy-pasting, apostrophes, or some other element that may be causing import issues for the address.

William A
Community & Social Media Support