How do I use the Third Generation Editor?

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I upgraded my account for the sole purpose of being able to add an Eventbrite Action Block but only to find out this isn't even a supported option.  However, this appears to be an option with the Legacy Third Generation Editor.  How do I switch to the 3rd gen editor so I can get the Action Blocks?

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Hello @Genesee ,


We were able to get a basic template that uses the 3ge builder, so you'd have access to the Eventbrite block. With that said, you'd still need to recreate your template to some degree.


Since the Eventbrite integrated block essentially functions like a Read More block, but explicitly for your Eventbrite account, you can essentially recreate the same effect within CPE emails. You can use the Read More block, and simply link your Eventbrite event URL to it, or you can recreate it using text and image blocks / layouts


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