IPhone cannot open form in email

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Our church sends out a weekly email bulletin. We have a "Sing Up" button that connects to a form. Android users can sign up but when iPhone users try they get an error message. Any suggestions?



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Hello @DonHorton ,


To better assist, would you be able to answer some of the following troubleshooting questions?


  • Is the form you're using the one at the top of the webpage version of your emails? Or is it a form hosted on your website?
  • Is the form one developed by us, or is it developed by a different provider?
  • Does it affect all iPhone users, or users on a particular iPhone version - software or model?

I know that last question might be harder info to get ahold of, but it can definitely assist our technical teams in investigating the issue. If the forms having issues were created by a separate site or company, you may want to reach out to that form's developers to see if they can troubleshoot the issue on their end.

William A
Community & Social Media Support