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I am including text in a letter from our President & CEO.  I need to insert his signature (the signature did not translate in copy and paste), but the signature image is not translating from the image library into the text box.  I've tried copy and pasting the image, it doesn't work.  When I drag the image over it will only go into the top left of the text box.  Any advice?  Thanks! 

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Hello @AliF20 ,


In order to comply with mobile formatting, text-wrapped images can only be bound to the top-right or top-left corners of a text block, so inserting an images into the middle of text isn't possible.


You could potentially setup separate blocks in a single row (i.e. have the signature image text-wrapped to the top-right of your Sincerely text block, then a second text block for Manager, but even that would require a lot of manipulation of text size, alignment, and other elements that may not ultimately look that well crafted.


I'd advise checking out this recent thread for advice on structuring your signature, to make sure it's effectively added and presented in your email.


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