Scheduling an Event to Open Automatically
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Scheduling an Event to Open Automatically

Is there a way to have your event sign-up form open on a set date, at a set time, so you can put the link on your website ahead of time, and have it open without having to do it manually? 


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While there isn't a way to automatically open registration for the current event system, you can turn off registration until you're ready for it to be available. Once you make the event live, you'll receive a shareable URL (located under the name at the top of the dashboard), and be able to copy that to paste wherever you want. Then, in the top-right corner, you can click the switch under REGISTRATION to Close it. Whenever someone tries to navigate to the link, they'll get a generic message letting them know registration is currently closed. Then, when you're ready for it to be accessible, simply switch REGISTRATION back to Open.


Registration will close again automatically either on the date of the event's start, or at a specified earlier date if selected in the Event's Basics. You can also manually turn off and on registration at any time trough the dashboard as described above. Once the event has started, it will be considered closed / finished, and registration cannot be re-opened.


For more info on event functionalities:

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Thank you William. I understand all of that. What I was looking for was a way to set it to open automatically, because I wasn't going to be available at the time my superior wanted it to open. But your explanation does let me know that there is no way to do that. Thank you.