Use of Multiple Landing Pages and Custom Fields

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Hello, I have multiple landing pages available from an email. The use may decide to use both landing pages. Each landing page has a few different custom fields. It appears that data is carried over between landing pages. In other words, a field that is needed in one page, ends up in the second page with the data used in the first landing page. This will make downloading of spreadsheet data confusing because of the duplication of data across landing pages. Is there a way to ensure initialization of custom fields when each landing page is loaded/entered?????
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Hello @TVV ,


If you're working with two separate landing pages, then the answer is no. You can manually merge info if you'd like outside of the system, by exporting the info and merging from within a spreadsheet program.


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On another note, based on some of your custom fields, this is a very unsafe way to be handling such sensitive info. Landing page data isn't encrypted, which makes it riskier to have this kind of info just openly displayed in your contacts' fields. It means anyone with Account Manager access can see that info, export it from your contacts, etc. It means that in an exported file, the info is just laid bare, and can be easily sent, shared, etc.


I'd strongly encourage you to look at using some kind of payment processor or vendor for handling this kind of information, and linking to the relevant store / payment place in your email. This way you can also offer both types, and only need them to enter their info once.


If you're unable to use a vendor for collecting that info, then I'd encourage you to at least use the older event tool available in your account, so you can set up a way for the contacts to pay without having to provide their sensitive info without any encryption. You can set up multiple items to sell, "admission" fees, etc. as a way for them to pay for these.

William A
Community & Social Media Support