Add Facebook Pixel to lead generation landing page



I love the new landing page integration with an automatic thank you page. The one additional thing needed is the ability to add a Facebook pixel to track results and click throughs. If you could add the ability to add a pixel to the thank you page, that would make this service invaluable.


As of right now, I cannot use the landing page feature and need to spend a ton of time setting it up through my website so I can ad my pixel and track my conversions to better target my advertising.




Status changed to: Voting Open

Hi @JessicaG930. This is a great idea and thank you for the feedback about Landing Pages. I'll open this up for voting.  


Has any progress been made on this? I too would like to use the Lead Generation landing page, but the ability to add a Facebook pixel is essential.


Hello @ChelseaD6. Thank you for bumping this thread! Shoppable landing pages and custom landing pages have the ability to add a Facebook tracking pixel but this is not available at this time for a lead generation landing page. 


Thanks! I really feel this should be a high priority, otherwise I will have to switch my business elsewhere in order to maximize lead generation. Thank you for your response.


I'm running into this same issue. I was planning to use a Constant Contact lead generation landing page for my lead magnet sign up form, however, not being able to add a FB pixel to it means I can't see the ROI on my FB ad and FB can't use the info from the pixel to dynamically optimize my ad. Do you have an estimate for when this functionality will be available?


Is this still not available now in 2021? Seems pretty crazy not to have this feature for the lead generation landing pages - then there's literally no point to running an FB ad directly to a Constant Contact lead generation because you can't track your ROI....?


Can anyone update me on this and if this is ever going to become a feature? If not, I may have to switch back to ActiveCampaign 


Hi @WendyH952 we apologize for any inconvenience caused from this feature not being available! There are many factors that are used to decide what is added to or updated in our product which can cause us to sometimes not have a timeline for when a feature will be available. We will however reach out to this thread when there are any further updates we can share on this feature request.


This really needs to be added. I am considering other platforms as it is not an option. 

Campaign Contributor

Any news about installing a facebook pixel into the lead generation landing page? Without this, constant contact is not useful to me, and I will need to go to Leadpages. Thank you in advance for any info or updates on this.


Status changed to: Not Currently Planned

At this time, we do not have plans to include a Facebook pixel to Lead Generation Landing Pages. Should we hear of any discussions in the future, we'll update this thread.

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