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Close survey page before expiration date

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We recently used the newly-redesigned survey feature to send out a brief survey. I like all of the changes however there is one thing missing: the capability to close a survey.

I recall when I setup this survey, it asked me for a date I wanted it to be closed. I picked a date about 30 days away but was not sure if that was too long and figured better to overshoot and end early. Well, we have decided to close it out becasue we have collected enough responses and my only option is to "unpublish" the survey. So I did, beign that there was no other option, and now it says it is "Paused".  What does that mean??  Will it be closed out automatically on the date I originally selected? If so, how do I see that date? I can't remember when it was and don't see it anywhere on the survey details page. 

Please fix this so we can see the date it is set to close automatically, AND adjust it as necessary! Also, the option to manually close it out early needs to be added.

Thank you.

Status changed to: Voting Open

Hi @Marisa_M this is great feedback for us to track! When you unpublish your survey page the word paused does display to signify this survey is no longer available to the public. It will remain paused with the ability to be reactivated until the survey automatically close six months after the date it was published, unless you specified an earlier expiration date. Having the option to permanently close a survey before these dates is a feature request we have tracked on your behalf. We have also opened up this idea so other users can weigh in as well.

Status changed to: Closed - No Action

A survey can be closed before an expiration date by deactivating the survey. For clarity, the Survey Page will show as Paused and anyone who tries to access the URL will receive a message that the survey is no longer active and cannot submit responses.


While we do not have any information to share regarding the option to extend a survey's expiration date, the request for this feature is on a separate thread and request for you to engage with that post to receive updates should we have any in the future.

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