Edit email campaigns on mobile or desktop

It would help a great deal if campaigns could be edited and created via the mobile app. It seems as though the app is completely pointless with how limited its functions are.

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Hi everyone,


Thank you for your patience as we continued looking into this feature request. The good news is our cross device editor does allow users the ability to create email campaigns on the mobile device through our Constant Contact app that can be edited on a desktop as well. Because of this we are going to close this idea. This doesn't mean that we aren't listening to your feedback! Please feel free to comment or vote on any of the other open ideas to let us know what you would like to see. In fact here an open threads focused on having the ability to edit and view event campaigns through the mobile app.

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 Hi @BarbaraG66, thanks for posting this feedback! While our mobile app does have resend features, it does not yet have the ability to edit emails created on the desktop version. In other words, you can only edit emails that were originally created on the mobile app. Our developers are working to improve this, but it requires a huge amount of development work, so unfortunately I don't have a timeline on when it will be complete. Thanks again for your feedback!

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When will the mobile site become functional again? Ever since the "upgrade" I pretty much can't do anything from the mobile site, when before the "upgrade" I could do almost anything I could do from the desktop site. I can no longer check email info (like looking to see who clicked), or resend emails, etc. I can no longer check survey replies or send survey invitations, etc. I can no longer edit event details like adjust registration limits. Etc etc etc.I used to use Constant Contact on the go from my mobile and no longer have this option. It is very frustrating to say the least. I have no idea why a business would restrict user access this way.
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When I try to use the CC iPhone app to edit an email, it says I need to log in at constantcontact.com to edit my email. Can you please fix this issue? Otherwise the app is not useful. Thanks.
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I created an email campaign on my computer, and sent it to a colleague for review just before traveling. I have only my iPad on the road. I cannot update the campaign on my iPad using either the app or the browser. This is not acceptable for what is supposed to be the premier email marketing company. Your product needs to work seamlessly across both computer and mobile platforms. Many of us only have a tablet while traveling and we need to be able to update a draft campaign while on the road. Also I can’t leave feedback on the app and leaving it here isn’t working well as I can’t see what I’m typing.
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Will that ever happen? Would love if it would!


I have used CC for years but am very frustrated with not being able to use my iPad to edit, duplicate, resend campaigns crated on my desktop.  The app is virtually useless to me.  I am looking at other companies and that makes me sad.....but time to move on with the times CC.

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Thanks for the feedback @BobC2,


You should be able to access CTCT on your ipad using Safari.  Does it not work for you?

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my question is actually to "create" on an ipad pro without using the ctct app. I called in and they said you still cannot do that and don't know when that will be possible. I really would like to see that change!

I waste more of my valuable time trying to edit the email app. It does not change fonts easily - wont paste in my content. What a waste!!!


So unhappy with this poor excuse for an app. 

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The mobile app does not work well and I can't see the full screen when accessing CC through the browser on my phone. I'm left with no full mobile access to CC. Can something get fixed SOON?
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