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Remove contacts from List A when added to List B

You took a big step backwards in my book when you got rid of the ability to move contacts from one list to another just by checking and unchecking the boxes next to the email addresses. It has been a few years, and I cannot believe you have not found it to be an important enough feature to add back.. It is absolutely ridiculous that in order to move contacts from one list and remove them from the old list, I must check them off and add them to a list, and then go back in and find the ones I just moved (it does not keep them checked), and re-check them, and then remove them from the first list. Wow. I cannot tell you how this frustrates me. We move names from a central location to individual lists based on their email addresses. So for instance, if I have a list of 50 emails we have added or who have added themselves, we go in periodically and put them into lists based on their email address,, and then remove them from the central list so that we know we have processed them. Maybe we are the only ones who found the old way better. If only the boxes remained checked, I would not have to go back and re-check them all. What used to take me 3 minutes now takes 20. Oh well. This is not the first time I complained about this, and will not be the last.

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Ok, for customers that are not your general small coffee shop owner CC used to have a filed that allowed you to enter multiple email addresses for a customer - after all what professional only has one email address. However you have removed the ability to have more than one email address per contact, so it is rather burdensome to create a duplicate contact, when some one has unsubscribed to ensure that all a contacts email addresses are also unsubscribed. Creating duplicates for an individual gives you a false unsubscribe factor, which companies use when tracking statistics, and taking into consideration for continuing with email campaigns. In addition, why does CC not have the option when you are uploading a contact list to "NOT" update contacts that are already listed in one of your existing list, thus not adding a contact to be on multiple lists ? when you have hundreds of thousands of contact, going in and selecting a list, and then removing them from each of your other lists is also burdensome, and has a huge error factor by the user deleting / removing from the incorrect list. Isn't your service supposed to be a convenient tool for more efficient management, rather than time consuming for the end user ?
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Thank you for the feedback!


I want to make sure I understand your second piece of feedback correctly.  Are you saying that if you have list A and you are adding contacts to list B-- you want a way to upload a list to list B but exclude any contacts that are currently on list A?



if i have a contact listed in any of the lists on CC, when I upload new contacts, wither it be to the same list or a new category list, I dont want them to be updated (dont want a contact to be on more than one list), I would much prefer if the system asked you when you have an existing contact "do you want to update this contact" to avoid a contact being on multiple lists.  does that make sense ?


Is thos still not wotking??? 


This may help:

After the contacts you want to move are added to the new list you can remove all the contacts you added to the new list from the old list by going to the new list, and selecting all contacts in that entire list, and then removing all of them from the old group they were in, since there is an option to do that.  The assumption here is that you don't want any of the contacts you moved to the new list or any other contacts that are already in the new list to also be in the old list.


Hope that's not too confusing.


The good news is that worked for me - I just tried this and it worked fine.


For Example: I want my contacts to be automatically removed or unsubscribed from the "Free Members" List when they subscribe to "Paid Members" List. Hope it makes sense.


Dennisy661 you rock! 

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I love that I can now check a bunch of names on one list and move them to another list. Thank you! One suggestion...can those names I checked, stay checked after I move them? I am removing them from the list I am working on. After I move them, I have to go through the list again to check them to remove them.


Example...I want to move 5 contacts from the Panda list to the Kangaroo list. I check off those names and move them. After the system processes it, I have to check off those same 5 names again in order to remove them from the Panda list. It would be great if they would stay checked so I can quickly remove them from the Panda list.


Thank you!

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In reference to the other post I just even better idea! In addition to add and remove, what about a "Move" option??? This would be even better. Click on the names I want to move to another list and the system will move them to the new list AND remove them from the current list.


Example....I need to move 5 contacts from Pandas to Kangaroos (this is a preschool and the children are moving to a new classroom for the new school year). I check off these 5 names on the Panda list and choose an option, "Move," and choose the Kangaroos. The contacts will be removed from Pandas and moved to Kangaroos in ONE EASY STEP!



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