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Search contact by "contains" detail

I am trying to search a contact by a detail of their email or last name, all of which I could select for in your old template, but this feature seems to have disappeared. Where is it? How am I supposed to do a detailed search now in your system?

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Contacts > Contacts


Hi Frankie -

There's now a dropdown list for choosing how to search (name, company - etc).  The previous version with just one search box that found anything from any data field was great....  Thanks. 


Hi @Electra7 thank you for sharing this feedback with us! The original thread you posted on was a general thread on our updated contact management dashboard. Because you are specifically speaking of the ability to search contacts with partial details I have merged your post into the appropriate thread on this feature request.

I use to be able to search the end of emails such as "", but when I try in the new search, I get nothing. It would be easier to have this feature back. Many schools and parishes that are my customers change their email domains. When I am notified that a school has changed their email domain, I could simply search for the end of the email and then go through the list to update. Why did you take this away? Angela Harner
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this new update eliminated the easy search feature where you can search by last name, email ending, etc. This new update is worse than the previous system in numerous ways... really annoying
I find it very hard to find contacts by the email domain in your new version of the contacts. It had been easy to make sure all emails were caught when making changes when a domain changed
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YES!! Please implement this! I've been waiting for this function for YEARS and I'm pretty sure I've requested it before.

In addition to "Contains", "And" and "or", it would also be very helpful to have "Contains data" or "does not contain data".


The new format sucks. For example, the Search in contacts used to take anything you put in and then search all fields. Now we have to pick which field adding another step. There are many examples where you have added steps and work for us, the customer/user. This new format is going backwards! Typical example of changing something that is less intuitive and easy to use just to add "new" features. Bad decision.

Hi @tbarkan  we’re sorry to hear you feel this way! Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We’re always open to ways we can better our user’s experience. Because of this we have merged your post into a larger, but similar thread.


I pretty sure that I used to be able to search by any part of a company name, but now I must put in the first part of the company name to pull it up successfully. For example, I can't just search for the restaurant we have with "Pizza" in the name, I have to actually type in "Round" to come up with "Round Table Pizza". Or, I have to type "The" to get "The Law Office of John Doe". 

We use Constant Contact to communicate with our clients who are companies. The contact people within those companies changes often. We need to easily be able to search by company name and this functionality has greatly decreased with the recent changes. 

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