Show a "Recent" Tab On the Template Picker

It was very helpful to have the link at the top of the "create" page that was for recent emails. It seems to be gone now... which means I'll either have to re-create the header I had created, or go back and make a copy of a previous email to make changes. Either way, it's extra time and effort. The "recent" link automatically linked me to a previous email that I had sent, and it was very helpful.


Hi @HelenR04


Thanks for sharing this feedback with us! We have opened up your idea so other users can weigh in as well. Copying a previously sent email and updating that copy is the workaround we suggest continuing in the meantime.

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My company has been using Constant Contact for years, and I always preferred to use the "recent" newsletter templates. However, I unfortunately do not see them there with the new update. Is there any way to return to having a recent newsletter template, instead of starting from scratch? Thank you

Hi @SueS813


Thanks for sharing this feedback with us! While this feature has not been carried over it is a feature request we are collecting feedback on. In the meantime, we recommend copying a previously sent email and updating that copy.

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For weekly and biweekly church emails, some of our information and updates have similar content week to week, so it's A LOT easier to update a recent email than it is to have to recreate it from scratch or a stock template. Please bring back this option. It saves so much time!
Hello, We used to set up our scheduling for our social media and emails and have come to discover when we click on the email to edit the campaign picker page is missing the recent campaigns we sent out previously. Can you please return it back to the campaign picker page we are accessing through the calendar feature,? Thank you very much!

We used the recent template for all our campaigns.  Please bring it back!


What has happened to the button for "Recent" templates?
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I just went to create a new email newsletter, using my own template. I used to see a thumbprint of my recent template as the first option to click on, and now, my recent template has vanished from sight.

After waiting on hold for nearly an hour, I was told that with the "new account update," the option to click on my most recent campaign to use as a template is no longer available. Instead, I have to click on one my old emails and copy it. Super annoying that we lost a feature we once had.

Add to this, I inserted links to my articles and guides into the newsletter I'll be sending out today, and every single one of them led back to one of the links to my previous email. I had to go back in and unlink and then relink each one. This never happened when I could simply click on "recent" and start a new newsletter.

Anyone else experience this? Anyone know if MailChimp allows us to re-use our own templates more easily?

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