Episode #13 - Be a Marketer


It’s one thing to build trust with your customers, but it’s another thing completely to give them something for free. For team-building expert and Training Wheels founder Michelle Cummings, the two go hand in hand.

Now, Michelle might not be giving away products or courses from her team-building resource company, but she is giving away little pieces of knowledge and expertise in the form of content.

Whether it’s through podcasting, weekly newsletters, or a free e-book when new members sign up for that newsletter, Michelle makes sure that a prospect’s first interaction with her brand is one full of value. She takes pride in creating and sharing meaningful content that helps consumers and positions her team as a thought leader in the industry. By doing so, Michelle is building trust with customers and prospects and positioning Training Wheels as the first place to turn to when looking for help with team-building.

Michelle sat down with Dave this week to talk more about her marketing approach, so tune in below to listen to the full episode.



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