Release Notes: January 2022


It's a new year and we're starting it off strong with some great new features and updates to your Constant Contact accounts. Read on to find out what was new in your Constant Contact account during the month of January.


Product Updates


Export Survey Page results as a PDF - You now have three options for exporting your survey results and we're happy to announce we're adding in the ability to download results as a PDF. This is a HUGE update and will make your survey results more understandable if you're looking for a more visual representation of how your respondents answered your survey. The results are displayed in a graph format and will show percentages as well. We know this was a request when Survey Pages was first introduced and we appreciate all the feedback we received.


Fly-out sidebar and banner sign-up forms - There are even more options to display your sign-up forms on your websites. Try out the new fly-out sign-up form or sign-up banner.


Choose which devices to display your inline or pop-up form on - Maybe you want to incentivize your visitors who access your site through a certain device. You can now choose whether a pop-up form or inline form displays on a desktop, mobile device, or both.  This can be changed by clicking Settings > Devices.



Shopify as an Action Block - Initially, the Shopify integration was introduced with only a two-way sync for contacts. Now you can make your integration even stronger by adding items and services from your Shopify store into an email. Note: this feature is only available in our Cross-Platform editor.


A/B testing in Custom Code - Comparing two subject lines with an A/B test ensures you're always sending the most effective subject line out to your audience. Now you can do this through our custom code editor. 



Updates to Billing - Pre-billing (billing your account five days before your service period start date) was put in place to ensure your account did not go into a delinquent status prior to the invoice being created. We understood the frustration and confusion this caused for our customers and we are removing this action from accounts. We will now be charging you on your monthly service period start date. Read more about how and when you are charged for your Constant Contact account.



You found it, we fixed it!


  • When our redesigned campaigns layout was implemented, we found that customers were unable to create and manage campaign folders (thanks for bringing this up on our Feedback boards!). This has been fixed and is ready for you to further organize your campaigns. Read more about creating and managing folders.
  • Some customers were receiving an error message stating "User is over daily status update limit" when posting to Twitter. For some insider information, our rate limits were shared across everyone who was using our Social Posting tool so the rate limit was being hit quickly. We were able to increase this limit.


Need support help? Looking to submit a feature request that you are not seeing in this article? We ask you to post on our Get Help board (for product support) or our Feedback forums if you are not seeing something mentioned here. This way, we can address your needs faster.




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