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Employee Spotlight: Courtney R.



Employee Spotlight is a new recurring monthly feature on the Community where we put a face to the hard-working and dedicated employees that make Constant Contact what it is!


What do you do at Constant Contact?

My official title is Associate UX Researcher, but I wear two hats for the UX Research team! I conduct user research for the Automations and Integrations teams as well as handling all things operations for the team, like recruiting all of our research participants.


"When I'm not working, you can find me..."

Playing with my daughter!


What's something non-work-related that you're proud of accomplishing in the last year or so?

Getting through my first year as a new mother


What's your favorite small business?

Bready Guy Breads


Who most inspires you?

My wife, Beatriz.


What's your go-to GIF or meme?



If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Time travel.


What's the best thing about being part of Team Constant Contact?

The feeling that someone will always have your back. You’re never left in the dark to handle things alone, you can always ask for help and someone will be willing to jump in and support you.


What is your favorite Constant Contact product or feature?

Recently, the Automation Path Builder. I'm learning just how powerful it could be to our customers, helping them to streamline and maximize their marketing efforts and time spent on those efforts.


What is your favorite piece of advice to share with customers?

Leverage your access to our Support team! My CTCT roots are in Tier 1 on the phones and I can never stress enough to our users how valuable it can be to them to just pick up the phone and let our experts help to troubleshoot with them or advise them.


Do you have a favorite moment you can think of working with a customer?

Any moment from our Customer Roadshows and Customer Science Fairs.


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