Account haked please help!!!!!

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my account got hacked! need advise. they somehow change the email without me getting a two-factor auth **bleep**. and cant talk with call support cuz the AI is asking for a freaking phone number that might be already change. and chat support is not much help either

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Hello @63464364364 ,


Based on your previous chat cases, one of your account's users was compromised. Your account owner will need to disable your user's access to the account, and remove them entirely.


Additionally, it is strongly advised that the compromised user do a malware scan on all of their personal and professional devices, and change the password(s) to the email account(s) they had associated with their login for the account. 


The account is currently disabled by Compliance after your recent cases, so once you've resolved the issue with the compromised user, the account owner can call the Review team to get the account re-opened. The account still has an active subscription even in its disabled state, so I'd advise the account owner handle this in a timely fashion.



William A
Community & Social Media Support
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