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When I search my contacts and discover that an address is not already added, I then have to:

  1. Click "Add Contacts"
  2. Click "Create a New Contact"
  3. Type or paste the email address again

I would love for there to be a button on the side of search that just says "add this address" and the new contact window would appear with the address already populated. Because Constant Contact does not integrate with our case management software (MyCase), I have to manually enter 30-60 new addresses each month and having this feature would make it significantly more convenient. 





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Hello @NOLABrad ,


When you're importing contacts, does your case manager enable you to export contact info like email addresses and names? Would using the file import or type/paste multiple methods of import streamline your process? As part of a contact's import process, you have to confirm permissions and a list needs to be assigned, which can be done in bulk for the type/paste multiple and file import methods, compared to the individual nature of the Create New Contact method.


Are there any 3rd party-developed integrations between your CRM and our system that you're able to find elsewhere on the web?

William A
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It's a mixed bag of situations. I can try exporting new clients as a CSV and doing the file import, but am unable to export the names which are still just leads.

There is a 3rd party integration which I am able to use (and do use) for the leads which come in via our website chatbot (Intaker to Zapier to Constant Contact), but I can't tell at a glance which leads those are which is why I have to search each email in contacts as I go.


Unfortunately, Zapier is not able to extract email data when a new case is added.


Obviously the ideal situation would be a full integration betwixt y'all and MyCase.

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