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Hi, Is there a way to align text to be centered under an image, rather then centered to the full page? I created a 3 column block with 3 images and text underneath each one. However, when I choose to center align the text it is not aligning properly to the image - seems to be aligning to the page instead (I wanted to attach a screenshot but am not seeing an option to do that). With the right column I was able to adjust it using by increasing the indentation, but that workaround is not working for the left column. Any tips would be appreciated. Thank you!


Hello @DavidB27017 ,


At this time, text blocks will have default padding on their left and right sides. Unfortunately that will result in multi-column layouts having slightly skewed text compared to images centered above. At this time, there isn't really a workaround, beyond changing the layout of the images with their text / captions.


I've tracked the feature requests for more control over text padding and image caption setups for your account. If and when the devs have updates on these requests, you'll be notified via email. At this time we don't have an ETA on these features' development.

William A
Community & Social Media Support
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Hmm...okay, thanks for responding. Guess I'll have to work with it the way it is for now. If you can have your developers rush to get those features added would be much appreciated - it may seem like a simple thing but makes such a big difference in the professionalism of the email design.

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Yeah. It looks REALLY unprofessional.

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