Autoresponder should be included in all packages... basic function...

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All the major contact list companies have autoresponder function and messages as part of their basic free and paid services.


I am surprised it is only in the highest paid option here.


ALSO, some companies include prewritten general messages which would be REALLY Nice and put you above all the others even further!


Such a great user friendly platform just missing these above... and the ability it seems to connect an existing email message to a new or old campaign.


Plus the phone numbers should be allowed to be uploaded with the cut and paste option too.


In fact, the file upload is a pain because it won't accept my attempts so something needs be perfectly aligned whereas in other platforms they recognize email, name and phone and simply and smoothly allow ease of upload.

This file upload feature is way too finicky.


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Hello @PaulM958 ,


I'd advise against posting personal contact information in our public Community forum. 


Every available package has access to automation - the complexity and customizability of which increases if you're on a higher level package. Please see our Plans Comparison page if you need references. 


We'll include suggestions whenever a text block is inserted or included in a pre-built template, but it's best to write your own wording than use a pre-written default as that can result in higher spam filtering. Our AI Content Generator is also available in every package at this time, meaning you can also just plug a couple basic prompts in to get wording written up for you (or a template generated).


I'm not really sure I understand what you're referring to with "the ability... to connect an existing email message to a new or old campaign." Can you please elaborate on this?


Is the file you're trying to upload a compatible file type and less than 5 MB in size? If not, it'll need to be hosted elsewhere, or compressed prior to upload. If this is in reference to a contact file, have you formatted it properly for import, is less than 20 MB, and has less than 40,000 rows?

William A
Community & Social Media Support
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Thanks for the reply. I'm not concerned with personal contact information as I want to be contacted as a marketer. Thanks though.


Also, support and I looked and looked for any email autoresponder automation but found it only available in the highest paid please point the way if autoresponder messages are in fact available in all packages. I was seeing UPGRADE from my middle package as the only option to use that feature.

Also, would love to see or have those prewritten messages. Oh I see an initial responder message should be available but never found where as of yet.

The resend feature also needed an upgrade....wait maybe there's a problem with my billing? But my purchase was just a few days ago... hmmmm... not seeing the features right now in any case.


Also, my leads load is quite small so size is not the issue. I tried and thought was formatted properly but something isn't allowing it to take.


Maybe a call and walk through needed. Thanks. Paul

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