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I have a couple questions about resending to non-openers that I can't find answers to in the documentation. First, when you do a re-send, does it include subscribers whose mail bounced in the first send? Second, does it include new subscribers since the first email was sent? (They would not technically be "non-openers" since it wasn't sent to them.) If it does NOT include these new subscribers, is there a way to include them in the same re-send or do you have to do it separately?

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Hello @rcppubs23 ,


Yes to the first if their bounce has been corrected, no to the second. Chances are, however that if a contact bounces the first time, it's going to bounce on resends. If you need to resend an email to newly added contacts, I'd advise the Resend to New Contacts option, or doing a quicksend if it's very few contacts.

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