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I used to be able to change the background color of text blocks but now I'm not able to change it. It gives me the option but when I select the color it does not change the selected color.

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Hello @TammoriP ,


Looking at the template, this looks like an issue of certain elements - such as some blocks' inner backgrounds having a particular coloring - being hard-coded in some of the pre-built templates you would find on the template selection page. This can also occur with those kinds of pre-built templates that have unique designs as part of their inner backgrounds, unique pattering, etc. 


The only way to go about resolving the issue would be make a new template, or to copy from a different one that doesn't have these un-editable elements in them. 


You can also just recreate those particular blocks within the same email, using one of the available layouts, and copy-paste text over. Then you can simply delete the problematic blocks.

William A
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