Background color of email changes when forwarded

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We have consistently been having a problem when sending out emails.  During the creation/design, preview and testing, everything looks fine.  The email looks great when it's delivered, but when the email is forwarded, the background color changes from white to gray, making the text almost impossible to read.  We've tried to fix this by changing the outer and inner background colors to white, but to no avail. 


Any suggestions on how to fix this?  Thanks.


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Hello @SOAR365 ,


When an email is forwarded, the email client (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.) will reinterpret the code and essentially rebuild it for forwarding from their end. What this means is that we don't have control over how the email client chooses to forward the email. 


There really isn't a fix for this, since this is 100% on the end of the forwarding email system. If you regularly have your emails forwarded, it will probably be to your benefit to have those forwardees added as contacts so you can send the unadulterated emails directly to them.

William A
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