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I have two individuals who can not receive emails from Constant Contact, yet their email addresses are correct and I can email them easily outside of Constant Contact. Their accounts appear to be from a small ISP - can this be fixed so their emails go through? I use Constant Contact to communicate with the 400 members of our club.

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Hello @MarcoFish ,


Contacts become suspended when our system receives a non-existent bounce report from the receiving network or email program. After enough of these bounces, whether it's you or someone else using our system to send to that address, our system will set the address to "suspended."


If you believe these contacts are actually viable, you're welcome to try unsuspending them in your account, and resend / quicksend to them. If we get another non-existent bounce report, they'll go back into suspension. If you're needing a very large number of them unsuspended in bulk, then I'd recommend speaking with our Delivery team so they can do a mass unsuspend and collect info on why so many allegedly viable contacts bounced as non-existent enough to trigger suspension.  


See also:

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William A
Community & Social Media Support
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William A - I did not knw about the quick send - I am giving that a try.

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