Campaigns missing from my "most recent" list

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Twice in the past week, when reviewing recent posts, I have noticed that my most recent campaign was not on my list. When I asked to chat about this problem. The support person could not understand that despite of what she was seeing in the list, (my most recent post was imaged correctly but the title/name of the post was from the previous day) she was convinced that everything was fine. Has anyone else run into this problem. BTW, I know I did not some how forget to post, I have a unique image on each post and the image files show there is a post missing. My best guess is that somehow Constant Contact’s system is overwriting a renamed campaign.

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Hello @DeaconM ,


I'm noticing unique images and email titles consistently in your account. Are you sorting/filtering your campaigns in any particular way that might exclude your recent ones - such as only viewing Sent campaigns when your most recent are still in Draft or Scheduled status? Does the issue resolve itself once you refresh the page or logout and back in? It might be an issue of your device / browser caching the older view temporarily until it can catch up with the changes.


Based on your recent chat case, it seems that there's some confusion regarding campaigns' names and their subject lines? Remember whenever you copy a campaign you must give it a unique name before it can be edited. Beyond that, the subject line does not need to match the campaign's name and doesn't necessarily need to be unique. Is your issue that you're naming your campaigns on a specific day, but setting their subject line and send date to be a different one?

William A
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