Can I change the width of the cells in a table inserted into an email?

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Hi - I'd like to insert a table that has a narrow column and a wide column. Does Constant Contact allow me to adjust the width of columns in an email table? Thanks!
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Hello @DharmaRefuge ,


At this time, it isn't possible to customize table cells' widths. The only workaround for this from a design perspective I can suggest would be to set it up in a program dedicated to building tables, screencap it, then insert that table screencap as an image in your email.

William A
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This would be a very helpful improvement.   We use tables to display the line itemed inventory in outgoing emails...  REALLY would be great if Constant Contact  could do this for their customers.  I believe it would be used more than you think,


Considering that images become blurry almost instantly when you adjust the size, that's not a valid workaround. If you're going to offer the ability to have a table in an email, then adjusting the width of the columns and rows should be the bare minimum of features. Otherwise, it's not a useful feature at all.

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