Can I merge 2 Email List into one

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I'm wanting to merge two recent email lists into one as part of my GDPR work. Can anyone help with how to do this?


Thank you..


Hi @JackS034,


Thank you for reaching out to us through the Community. To merge your contact lists:


  1. Click Contacts at the top of the menu bar in your Constant Contact account
  2. Click "Email Lists".
  3. Select any lists you want to merge together by clicking the check box.
  4. Click Merge
  5. Type the new list name in the box provided
  6. Click Merge

To view the process of the merge, click on Activity to the top left of the Contacts management page. For more information on this, please click here. I hope this helps. Let us know if you have any further questions.

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Hello, a quick followup question. By merging multiple lists into one, do the individual lists disappear? The contacts dbase is used by multiple team members for different tasks and purposes. I want to make sure that by merging, my team does not lose access to the individual lists. 


Thank you

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Hi @htradegene.comh ,


Here's a more up-to-date / available article regarding list merges. When you merge lists the originals are still maintained, you'll just have a new list created with all the contacts from the originals compiled.

William A
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