Capability for One-Time, Tailored Emails to Individual Clients


Is it possible within Constant Contact to send a one-time email with specific marketing material to an individual client? I am looking to selectively target clients with personalized content at different times rather than conducting broad campaigns. Additionally, I'd like to know if the platform allows for varying the marketing materials sent out to different individuals on an as-needed basis. Essentially, can Constant Contact support bespoke email campaigns to unique clients without repeating the same message to the same client unless intended?


Hello @SGIAM ,


If you're wanting particularly unique elements for sendouts based on contact field info, you can setup dynamic content in emails. The degree of variability will be dependent on how much preparatory work you put in while building the email. Email Marketing 


Regarding your "as-needed basis" aspect, this will be tougher. The point of our email system is predominantly automation and mass-messaging, whether that's derived from standalone email sendouts, sign up forms, list movement, e-commerce store interactions, event sign-ups, etc. The more specific you're trying to be, the more complicated your list and email variation management will become.



The most bare-bones, straightforward way of going about what you need to would be to make a standalone email, with largely different dynamic content based on whatever contact field info you want to utilize as the trigger for that being sent to a particular contact. The generic example we typically use is creating an email featuring new pet treats, and having dynamic content for different pet types that's triggered by the contact's pet type - birds, dogs, cats, etc.


If needed, you can have a previously sent email go to newly added contacts using either the existing Resend option, or by doing a Quicksend.


The other option would be automation-based. Our newer automation path builder system (fully customizable and available on the Premium plan) is best setup for having different paths that can be triggered based on clicks, opens, and other actions by the contacts. With this, you can setup more intrinsic and specific dynamic content in each path and step.


If you have an integrated e-commerce shop, you can also link that with your automation path, which can result in triggers based on shopping habits.


William A
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