Casual Conversations: Share your pet photos!


Welcome to the inaugural Casual Conversations!


Every first Wednesday of the month we want to take a moment out of our day to break from the hustle and bustle of online marketing and open discussion up to subjects that have less to do with emails, events, and landing pages and more to do with... everything else!


Now sometimes we might skirt the line between business and pleasure in our topics of conversation, but ultimately we know how hard y'all are working and it's fun to think about something other than work every once in awhile.


Without further ado, the topic this month is pets! More specifically, share a picture of your pet(s) with the community so we can all oogle together at their cuteness!




This is Naria and Noctis! Their names just happen to start with N, too, it was not planned. My wife and I got them in late 2021 and we can't imagine our lives without them now, though sometimes Noctis tests that when he jumps up onto the dining room table for the 1,000th time during a meal.


Two notable anecdotes that pop into my head is the time Noctis got stuck in a refrigerator the first week we had him (not inside the door, he found an opening in the back, crawled in, and got stuck). It resulted in us tipping our fridge on its face while I poked and prodded Noctis out. He was fine, but our mental health on the other hand...


The other is the first night we moved into our new home, we kept the cats in the basement so they didn't get overwhelmed by all the new possible spaces. Well, when we woke up the next morning we couldn't find Naria anywhere. It wasn't until I crawled into a storage area under the stairs and noticed a hole leading behind the laundry room wall with Naria wedged inside. So, the first thing I did in my new home was take a hammer to the drywall to pull Naria out. She was fine, but my drywall on the other hand...


I think I speak for everyone on the Community team (who might just jump in and share their own pet pics) that we're excited to see what animals you're working day and night on your businesses and nonprofits to keep fed and happy. Share some pics and funny anecdotes, if you got 'em!

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 Thanks for posting @Nick_S, very cute cats you have there. 

These are our four dogs

  • Merriweather - perched on the top of the couch .
  • Tillie - the Maltese on the couch. 

  • Edith - the dachshund. She’s 9 months old, still being trained. 
  • Fenrir - is the big boy. 

We treat them like our kids and wouldn’t have it any other way. 

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This is Callie the calico cat! I got her when I was 17 from a humane society and she's been with me through it all. More recently, we moved into a house together- just the two of us! Thus begins my crazy cat lady era. She loves to steal my office chair and claim it as her own, chase after treats if you throw them, and greet you at the door when you come in. Like a dog, she comes when you call her name and knows when she's in trouble. At the end of the day she loves to snuggle and be pet- but only on her own terms, of course.  



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