Change color of electric blue bar at top of web view?

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blue bar.PNG


This used to be black on my browser - now it's a random electric blue on both my iPhone and PC laptop. Is there any way to change it back to black on the CC side?


Also wondering if I can control the blue link color or if  that just depends on an individual's settings? Thanks!

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Hello @unifiedcomms ,


From my understanding the color change has something to do with branding, so it may change again in the future, or it may be blue for as long as that upper toolbar still exists. 


Regarding your link colors, this may vary based on where you're opening the email. Some email programs and apps, as well as browsers, have settings to force all hyperlinks to turn blue and underlined as the unclicked default, and purple for the clicked default. While you can format the hyperlinked text in your emails to look something else, if the side reading and displaying the hyperlinked text is set to force that default formatting, then it will force that change. If you're seeing your hyperlinked text a different formatting (color, boldness, etc.) than you had originally set it to when building and sending the email, it may be worth checking some of the style settings in your email program/app and browser.

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