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Hi. I've read here and in Help that CC does NOT have translation services (e.g., English to Spanish) at this time but that you're considering it for the future. Is the work around to translate it ourselves and create a separate email newsletter in Spanish essentially duplicating the English version, pairing that with a list of recipients who receive the Spanish version?


Here's a second question: I see we can change the non-editable text. Since we'll be managing BOTH English and Spanish, can we simultaneously have BOTH versions of non-editable text available? In other words, BOTH English and Spanish would live in our account at the same time and we can choose which to use with our newsletter language version.


Thanks for your insights.

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Hello @MarcF388 ,


You'd need to send the other language as a separate email to the contacts that need the Spanish version. Otherwise the contacts would need to rely on any translation browser extensions or other functions they may have, but it's typically best to send a translated email directly.


You wouldn't be able to have simultaneous different languages for some aspects of the account. Since accounts can only be set to one language at a time, and the language of sections like footers pull from the account's language settings, you wouldn't be able to have it be both Spanish and English for example. You could technically set your account up for one language, send out the email version that matches that language, then swap to the other language for the corresponding sendout, but this would need to be done between each sendout. It would also affect other campaigns whose footers aren't as malleable, like landing page and sign up forms' footers.

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Thanks for getting back. I understand your comments. I have another question I'll post separately.

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