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Hi, how do I edit the contact photo of the new email CC is sending my emails through? In my Gmail inbox my photo just shows up as that ugly grey blank image. 

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Hello @JosieB222 


Thank you for your post. I will transfer your question to our Questions and Discussions section so that you can receive a quicker response.

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Hello @JosieB222 ,


This profile picture is managed by either:

  • What is set in the receiving address's contacts / address book for the sending address, similar to how you can set custom photos for phone contacts on your phone).
  • What you have set for your address's profile pic via the system where your domain is hosted. Similar to how free Gmail users can set their own profile pics for their overall Google account, whatever program you use for that sending address would dictate the profile pic it tries to include.

Both of these can be impacted by the sending address however, which yours is currently being rewritten with the ccsend to ensure email authentication. If you already have an image associated with your true address, I'd advise setting your account up for self-authentication


See also:

Email Authentication FAQ

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