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Address your contacts with personalized subject lines


What is subject line personalization?


Crafting subject lines that include a customized acknowledgment of the person it is being sent to.


Why should I adopt subject line personalization?


When we open our inboxes our eyes tend to gravitate towards subject lines that seem personal to us, usually in the form of being addressed by our first or full name. Additionally, if it’s followed by some kind of call-to-action that you’ll want the recipient to take.


Nick_S_1-1699980611480.pngThere’s a balancing act where you don’t want to sound too intimidating or obnoxious and it should make sense in the context of the email campaign you’ve created. 


Can you give me an example of a good personalized subject line?


“Chelsea, it’s booster shot time for your dog” is personal to Chelsea and gives a clear call-to-action that is sensible without being pushy. I would probably think twice before I open an email with the subject line, “Chelsea, if you don’t get your dog their booster shot RIGHT AWAY they’re going to DIE.” 


Now that sounds like spam or phish-y. Also, I’d wonder why they’re calling me Chelsea… and I don’t have a dog… but, I digress.


If you’re looking for more examples, check out the 12 Tips for Creating the Best Email Subject Lines article on our blog!


I feel more confident now, but how do I personalize my subject line?


Our Knowledge Base will hook you up with the 1-2-3 on subject line personalization and it never hurts to personalize other parts of your email, too!


Did this help? Have questions? Let us know in the comments!

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