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Do you know who is most actively engaged with your email campaigns? We talk a lot about segmentation and making sure your content is curated to target specific contacts in your audience.


It’s worth it to spend a little more time on your most engaged contacts, though.



We make it easy to view who your most engaged contacts are, and even send to them directly (you can see this step in the video above).


Once you’ve identified who your most engaged contacts are, consider emailing them directly to offer a special discount, exclusive content, or early access depending on the nature of your business or organization. Make sure to use personalization so they feel like you’re talking right to them and showing appreciation for the time and attention they give your campaigns. You can also customize content within the email so that they see content that is most relevant to them.



Also, make sure to check out our upcoming webinar on segmentation.  


Have you already checked to see who your most engaged contacts are? What have you done to keep them engaged? Let us know in the comments!

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Community Coach

I love the automated segmentation that goes on behind the scenes. To get this data in the past was a challenge, and then when it was available it required a few steps to filter, tag, save as target list and then run campaign to. Now it's ready and "on deck" and from the send screen we can even choose "segments" rather than "lists". This goes the other direction as well - if you have segments who are not at all engaged, you can target them with eye-catching wake-up call type emails using fun subject lines like "Are we breaking up?". Not much to lose having fun with the segments that are not engaging in the first place!

Kudos to Constant Contact for continuing to develop and roll out exceedingly smart automation into systems. 

Aaron Wesley Means

ACTIVATE Business Solutions

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Note: I am not a Constant Contact employee.

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