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Does CC do the sending? If so, how many addresses are allowed?

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Hi @MelissaL341,


Emails created and scheduled through Constant Contact are indeed "sent" by Constant Contact, but as far as the recipient is concerned they would see that the sender is coming from the email address you have set as the From address when scheduling.


If you're asking how many email addresses can you send to, it depends on the plan you've selected and what contact tier you are in. I would review plans and pricing and see what makes sense for your business and marketing goals. Constant Contact doesn't provide contacts or purchased lists, so it really depends on how many contacts you already have express permission to communicate with, or using our sign-up tools to grow your lists organically.


While you are in the trial you can send up to 100 emails (so an email sent to one contact = one send. If you have 50 contacts and send out one email campaign, it would use up 50 of the 100 available email sends).


Thank you for your interest in Constant Contact and please let me know if you have any additional questions!

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