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Should I deleted suspended email addresses?


I am noticing a really high bounce rate on my emails. Should I delete the suspended email addresses? I assume they are no longer in use. 


If I keep them on the email lists what does that do?


Thank you

Community Coach

Try unsuspending them first, and if after suspending, they still bounce with your next email, then I would delete them. Here's how to unsuspend:

Here's more info about suspended bounces:

Tracey Lee Davis

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Note: I am not a Constant Contact employee.

Community Coach
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A very high bounce rate can mean a number of things:

  • The list has a lot of invalid or incorrect email addresses or they are old.
  • If you're using purchased or scraped email lists, they might contain a lot of invalid or inactive addresses.
  • The subject line might be triggering a filter. You can use Constant Contact’s subject line checker that appears below the Subject line field or use a free subject line tester such as

Constant Contact has a great feature that identifies emails that are “Recommended for Removal.” These are suspended, non-existent and undeliverable bounce types that should be removed because they are unlikely to become active emails again. We usually see only a small number of emails that are identified as such and we use this to clean our client’s list. Here is a video that explains the feature – it is very helpful.

If we see an unusually high bounce rate for our clients, we often look further into the reasons why and work with Constant Contact’s deliverability team. Our clients do not generally have extremely high bounce rates.  If you are experiencing an unusually high number of bounces that you haven’t experienced before, there may be an underlying reason that needs to be examined. If we can be of any help to clean up your email list, please reach out.

David Fischer

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Help others find this post by giving it kudos.

Note: I am not a Constant Contact employee.

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