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Is it possible to create a registration form that I can email to my list and/or individuals that they can fill out with both personal and credit card information and email back to me? I have the bank routing number, etc. but am not sure if this can be done within my Constant Contact account. It's for a cancer fund raiser I'm doing with Dana-Farber to honor my daughter. Thanks for any advice. John
Community Coach

Hi John, you can certainly create a registration form, but the moment you are collecting a credit card, you need to have the form on your website and within Payments Card Industry (PCI) compliance (a set of technical and operational standards that businesses must follow to protect cardholder data). The best approach is to use your Constant Contact account by creating great emails that lead people to that website. You can create a form on your website using several tools ranging from WooCommerce to PayPal and when you use such tools, they take care of the PCI compliance. By doing it that way, you also avoid the concern that people may have of entering credit card information in a "generic" form. 

Constant Contact's sign up forms are ideal to collect non-PCI compliance information and they are a smart way to grow your list.

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to reach out.

David Fischer

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