Edit Embedded Links in Email Even After Email has Been Sent

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I think it would be greatly beneficial to everyone who uses Constant Contact if they allowed it where if you sent an email, you can still edit/update the embedded link in the email. I understand not being able to edit the text in the document, but being able to update the link should be allowed. What if the link you used was a website and their URL changed? What if the PDF document had to be updated? It would be very helpful, and then you wouldn't have to make an entirely separate email to send out. Please consider adding that feature!


Hello @IrisWasteDiversionSpecialists ,


With replacing documents, the original URL in your account library is maintained while the actual file is replaced. However, since URLs are embedded elements in emails, they (like images, wording, and color formatting) cannot be edited on a technical and legal basis. Please see our FAQ on editing emails after sending for more info on what your options are if you need to issue corrections or updates. 

William A
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Thank you, that is very helpful!

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