Editing Menu has changed- how do I set up or change heading levels?

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I noticed that the editing menu has changed. I am using a template that I created for a reoccurring email. How do I set up or changeheading levels (h1, h2) now so that my email is accessible for people who have disabilities? Thanks!


Update: Our Tier 2 team has the issue written up for the devs to look into. At this time we don't have an ETA on this functionality displaying in the docked toolbar. As the issue is tracked to your account, you'll be notified  directly via email when if and when it's re-established.


Hello @KIHd ,


I'm not seeing the ability to set header styles or paragraph styles in the docked toolbar. I reached out to our higher level technical team so they could start writing up a service request for the issue, and have our devs look into making sure this parity with the original version is available in the docked version.

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