Email Specific Individuals without a List

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I want to utilize constant contact to send emails to very specific people without having to create a new list every time I want to do this. 


Is there a way we can just scroll through our contacts and individually select who we'd like this email to go to? 


What is the easiest way to accomplish this without creating a new list each time?

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Hello @SharonS89720 ,


If it's a standalone email you've already sent out, you can quicksend it to the specific contact. Another option would be to set the email to resend only to new contacts, where you'd send to the same list and/or select others, and our system will only target contacts in those lists that weren't part of the original sendout.


If you're trying to create and send brand new campaigns to a single contact at a time, you'd need to just add that contact to a list on their own. That is the only methodology since the scheduling and reporting systems are built for sending emails to multiple people at once.

William A
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